Valentine's Day

Well this week was filled with love for sure. Yes, it was Valentine’s Day but that’s not exactly what I’m referring to. We introduced the Eden’s Garden official website!

For Scott, Reagan and I this is our way of showing our love for Eden. Our love for the families going through a similar journey that we went through. And of course the love for our friends and family who checked out our new website, generously donated to Eden’s Garden and sent us emails, text and phone call saying how touched they were to see the website. We are tremendously proud of this accomplishment!! We worked so hard on it and had a great web designer to help us- thanks Garon Kae Designs!!

In honor of Valentine’s Day and every day: love fully and completely. Don’t focus on the small annoying things that your kids do instead remember to tell them you love them always. Tell them ten, twenty, ten-thousand times a day. Even if they’re too old or too cool for hugs, do it anyway. Hold them, love them, tell them. Because they could be taken away and God could decide it’s their time. On this Valentine’s Day I wish I was holding and telling my sweet Eden that I love her. I wish so much…. Instead I am telling her by creating and growing Eden’s Garden.