Our Christmas tradition continued

I looked back on our 2011 Christmas tradition of crafting ornaments for the girls and wow Reagan was so cute and young!!  Fast forward one year- she's still cute but she's our little girl!  To those that have kids, can't they stop growing and stay little forever??  I'm not ready to have a little girl, she's my baby!

Anyway, here's the step by step process for being crafty again.  Good thing I only have to do this once a year. 


 Step 1: Grab your super cute 2 year old to "help"


Step 2:  I mentioned this last year and the same holds true- Scott is definitely more creative than I am.  I employ him to cut scrapbook paper for me:-)


Step 3: We used mod-podge to glue on the paper - this worked fine.  Then we used mod podge to seal over the top- this did not work great, it discolored some of the paper.  Stupid mod podge.


 Step 4:  Our wodden blocks included an R and E for the girls. Their names and dates on another side.  Two photos and the remainder was scrapbook paper. 


Step 5: Hang ornaments. 

We love remembering our sweet Eden this way.  I only wish she was here to hang her own ornament and "help" in her 2 year old way.  I love you Eden always and forever.