September30th was 18 months since we lost our sweet Eden. We love her and miss her more than ever. After talking with other families who are also grieving the loss of their children we find that we really are dealing with it in our own unique way. I do not feel bitterness. I have a strong desire to live my life with Eden’s legacy in mind and to share our story with everyone. I want to do something wonderful with her memory, hence the creation of Eden’s Garden. I am sad a lot but at the same time grateful to God for giving me almost 8 months to hold, kiss, cuddle, touch and talk to my sweet Eden. I want her back more than anything in the world but I want to be a healthy mom for Reagan. Part of being healthy is doing what’s best for Reagan, what’s best for Scott and what’s best for me. This means spending time growing my faith, being with Reagan as much as possible and focusing on events that build us up rather than cause strain or stress. Another part of being healthy for me is something that I posted about a few months ago; it’s continuing to take my medication for depression and PTSD. Some people may wonder if this is in fact healthy, but for me it is. I need to do it and it helps me deal with my grief in a positive way.

We are having so much fun watching Reagan grow and develop. She is truly amazing. Not a day goes by when I don’t look at her and think about how far she’s come and how incredible she is. God is so good to us and to Reagan. We are a true testament of faith. Everything with Reagan’s medical issues and development were out of our hands. We cried and were terrified for the future. There were endless times when we were so discouraged and exhausted. But we kept strong in our faith, continued to pray and now you wouldn’t know that Reagan was any different than any other 2 year old. She’s in to everything!! She is so curious and brave. She talks back and says NO often. She eats everything!!!!! She never stops unless she’s sleeping. She is happy most of the time and constantly is laughing.


Weight: still stuck around 20 lbs
Height: 36 inches (tall and skinny!)
Favorites: dogs, bikes, swimming, books, babies, playing at the park, farm animals especially horses and pigs
Health: No illness in a long time, she’s healthier than we are!!!