The day has finally coming, the day we waited for, worried about, prayed about, stressed over- Reagan is eating 100% by mouth!! We have not used her feeding tube in about one month. Something happened in June where she just flipped a switch and decided that she likes eating by mouth. We struggled for a month with giving her oral meals and then filling her belly with homemade blended formula but she just seemed like she was Thanksgiving Day full at every meal. We had a feeding therapist who helped us get Reagan from gagging with even one bite to eating everything in sight! She is excellent and we feel very indebted to her. If you want her name/information email me. So even though she is eating by mouth she really isn't gaining any weight. Our pulmonologist and pediatrician both tell us not to worry that these kids with BPD (bronchopulmonary dysplasia) are just small- always. We should never have to worry about her being overweight. And genetics also tell us that she should be thin. But oh my is she tall- she's in the 50% for height and pretty much taller than all the other 2 year olds we know!

Reagan has three favorite things right now- bikes, puppies (babas) and swimming! The Tour De France was two weeks of pure joy and amazement for her, she LOVES riding in the chariot and every time we go in the garage she says bike mamma, bike dada and points to her head for helmet (good girl) and eyes for sunglasses! She is fearless when it comes to dogs and will walk up to any size or shape for a hug and kiss. She waves at all dogs she sees and gets super excited and says baba when she sees them. I have to give Scott credit for getting her to love swimming- he constantly has her in her kiddie pool, then he upgraded to a bigger pool and just recently he bought a used larger 3 foot pool with a pump. I'm pretty sure Scott is setting her up for the Olympics!

We have a major milestone and very emotional date approaching. Reagan and Eden’s 2nd and golden birthdays are on August 2nd. We can hardly believe that we have a two-year old and yet hardly believe still that we don’t have two two-year olds. My grief has been very difficult lately. I’m sharing some very personal information in hopes that it might help someone else reading this blog. I attempted to go off my anti-depressant unfortunately it was unsuccessful. I had a lot of side effects and some major setbacks. I spoke with my doctor who said very supportingly that this is 2012 and there is something to help you feel better, why not take advantage of it. I am already feeling better. I just realized that this is something I need right now. As August closes in we realize that it will be difficult. We also realize that we have an amazing gift- Reagan. She brings us so much joy. Even with her new favorite 2 year old word- NO, we still love her more than anything in this world. We love Eden more than anything in this world and we are trying every day to keep her memories and legacy alive. Thank you for continuing to read this blog even after 2 years and for supporting us.