Hamburgers and brats!

It's not very often that you read a blog post titled hamburgers and brats... who cares right? We do! Reagan ate hamburgers and brats this weekend with us!! And let me tell you it was exciting! Most parents feed their kids hamburgers and brats over Memorial weekend and think nothing of it but for us this is major. We gave Reagan little pieces of both and she ate them!! She is making great progress with her eating and we are so excited! We were also in Stillwater this weekend biking and wow that was a lot of work, mostly for Scott because he pulled Reagan in the chariot up those brutal hills. But we rewarded ourselves and Reagan with a treat from Cherry Berry and she LOVED that too. We saw Dr S who was Eden's ENT MD for a consult regarding a teeny tiny bump on Reagan's neck. Dr S didn't know that Eden has passed away and he asked about the details, it was much harder to talk about it then I expected. We were originally told that the bump would have to be surgically removed in the OR.... something that we were not thrilled about. We were pleased to hear that Dr S says he's in no hurry to remove it at all and we can wait at least 9 months to do anything. She also will not have to be intubated but rather have minimal anesthesia. This weekend we are thankful for all the men and women who have and are currently serving in our military. Thank you for your service.

Giving Lilly kisses.