We have had a lot of fun activities this month. We take Reagan out in her chariot behind our bikes at least once a week- she loves it and now says 'bie' for bike. Scott and I have ridden up to 25 miles with her and she does so great, not one cry or whine from her. We have even had one outing to Dairy Queen- she loves ice cream! She is doing very well with feeding therapy and has made lots of progress since working with her new feeding therapist at home. We feed her everything and she tries everything, she really likes most foods but sometimes has trouble figuring out how to chew and swallow chunks of food. She eats purees most often and we add in chunks of food when she tolerates it. Her homemade blended formula is going great- we put everything in her feeding tube and blend it up. Even waffles and cupcakes along with her regular olive oil, cereal, fruit, vegetables and meat blends. Easter was busy, stressful, fun and bittersweet all at the same time. We missed Eden and wished she was with us celebrating the day Jesus rose from the grave. We colored our first Easter eggs together as a family- see the pitiful picture below. We might need some tips for next year. Reagan “searched” for her first Easter basket, as you can see from the picture below it wasn’t too difficult to find. We enjoyed a gourmet meal with my Mom and Dad and visited my Grandma later in the day. The stress part came when our washing machine broke and spilled water through the floor into our basement. We always have appliances die on Sundays, but a Sunday and a holiday was a first. Anyone without a washing machine and a baby knows that you can’t go to long without one. Luckily our new washer was delivered on Wednesday. We bought a potty chair for Reagan and are slowing encouraging her to use it. We haven’t had any success yet so I think I will need to pull out the parenting book to find out the best strategy. We’re really not stressing about it just introducing it now. Finally, last weekend we enjoyed a surprise birthday party for Scott’s sister. Reagan was able to meet a lot of extended family for the first time and she stayed up almost an hour past her bedtime! We really don’t allow that but she was having so much fun that we bent our own rules.