March 30th: Today is one year since Eden left this earth and entered a perfect heaven, she is no longer hurting, she has no trach, feeding tube, iv's or medications. Eden is peaceful and happy with many friends, family and Ripley a very special dog. She has little friends who died too soon and she is playing with them and watching over us. Most of all, she has our amazing Savior watching over her everyday. Jesus took her home because he knew it was her time and he has a plan for her life and our lives here on earth. We know that she is happy and healthy in heaven but we still miss her so much!

We spent the day tech-free, together as a family remembering our sweet baby Eden. We love her more than anything in the world and miss her so much that it makes our hearts ache. We created and lit luminaries for our sweet pea tonight- they are beautiful just like her.

Thank you so much for remembering Eden today. Thank you for the text messages, emails, flowers, cards and calls. We love all of you and feel so honored to be remembered on this difficult day.