Coming down to the last few days

March 26th: I remember the last few days of Eden's life so vividly. She was sick- too sick to hold, too sick to touch. I sat next to her bed for endless hours stroking her hands, talking to her, singing to her, playing her music (she likes Colbie Caillat) and praying. I prayed that she would get even a little bit better and that lungs would become available quickly. I prayed tirelessly, I cried because I was alone. Even though those last few days were hard I wouldn't take them away. I was with her, I cared for her, I was the only one at TCH who knew everything about her and what was best for her. I participated in daily rounds and those who know me well know that I was not quiet about decisions for Eden. I did everything I could to make sure she was comfortable and well cared for during the last days- even though I didn't know they were the last days.