Her favorite green fish, Charlie.

My green ring!

Playing with all my friends.

March 24th: I love how you played with toys. You studied them and watched them with such awe. We tried to expose the girls to as many normal baby activities as we could. Our OT’s K and T whom we loved so much encouraged us to make the NICU experience as normal as possible. They encouraged us to be real parents and interact with the girls in the same way that we would at home. We did play time on the floor, swinging, playing with toys, tummy time and music time. Both girls were so enthralled with their toys but it was so cute to watch Eden admire her toys and kick her legs when she was so excited. She also had a fascination with her green ring, she held onto it while she was sleeping, when she was playing, she put it in her mouth and she even took it with her during her cardiac cath. I loved to see the passion and fun in her eyes.