The flight

March 22nd: Have you ever had a scary flight? Eden and my flight on March 22nd, 2011 was by far the most terrifying ever. The Kangaroo Krew transport team from Texas Children's Hospital came to get us on March 22nd in a tiny plane. They tried for over an hour to get her connected and comfortable on their transport ventilator. She did not tolerate it and instead she had to be bagged for the entire flight. The RN, RT and MD from TCH were doubtful that we would even get out of Minneapolis but two of our amazing MD's at Children's convinced them that they had to try and they had to do whatever it took to get her to Texas. That day we had at least four MD's, at least 15 RN's, likely all the RT's on the unit, therapists, chaplain's, and other staff stop by Eden's room, #96 to support us, hugs us, cry with us, pray with us, touch Eden, and express their love for her. Not every baby in the NICU has this much of an impact but Eden did. There was something so special about her, she was perfect in every way. Her eyes sparkled despite all her struggles. She smiled beautifully and gazed into your eyes to take in everything about your face. She communicated in the deepest, most beautiful way.

Scott and I prayed while we drove to the airport, we cried and when I boarded I could see the fear in Scott's eyes. He was letting his sweet baby go. I'm sure it was tremendously painful for him not to be with her. He sacrificed for me and never tried to deny me the opportunity to fly with Eden (there is only room for one parent). When I boarded and watched the team load her into the plane with all of her equipment, iv's, tubes and monitors I was scared. I barely breathed for the first half of the flight. Her sats stayed very low. I had a direct view of her face and never took my eyes off her. I was afraid that if I did she would disappear like it wasn't real. I will never forget her beautiful, peaceful face in that scary moment on a tiny plane heading to Texas.