March 9th: I love your soft, beautiful, blonde hair. You had so much! I know that you would have hair as long if not longer than Reagan’s hair- and she has A LOT. We first put a bow in your hair when you were really little. One of our very special RN’s in the NICU tied a tiny pink ribbon into a bow and we stuck it in your hair with KY jelly! I loved it; you looked so girly and precious. I remembered thinking oh my, I’m going to have to learn how to do hair for both my wiggly girls. After you were both in the NICU for quite some time and you were becoming the bigger babies in the NICU and were growing so much hair. Your Dad and some of the nurses decided that you were winning the hair growing contest in the NICU!! I would give anything to kiss your head and rub my cheek against your soft hair again.