Twin connection

First time the girls were able to reconnect.

Our first family picture!

March 8th: I love the close connection that you and Reagan had and will always have. In utero your hearts were literally right next to each other. In fact sometimes when the nurses were looking for two heartbeats during monitoring, it would be difficult to distinguish between the two because they were so close. The times that you were together in the hospital you were like magnets- drawn together by a special connection that only twins can have. When we had your beautiful Christmas pictures taken you were so sick and distraught but we put Reagan next to you and you instantly calmed and your sats returned to normal. I will never forget that day. I think you were startled the first few times you heard Reagan cry when you were in the same room in ICC together but soon after you remembered oh yes, that’s my sister and its OK I love her. I pray everyday that Reagan will remember you and hold you close in her heart. I don’t want her to forget that she has a sister.