I have been anticipating this month and dreading what the end of the month will bring for weeks.  As we approach the one year anniversary of Eden’s death it makes me afraid.  Afraid because it feels so real that she’s been gone this long.  My heart aches more, the pain is stronger and I have more memories- good and bad.  I miss Eden more than the world and would give anything to have just one more day with her to rock her, kiss her, cuddle her, smell her soft blond hair and have her gaze into my eyes.  Only those parents who have lost children too soon can completely understand this.  Nothing in this world matters more than those feelings, memories and love.  To honor Eden this month, we have some special things planned.  One public way to honor and share her life is that each day this month I will be sharing something special about her, something we loved about her, something she did or some message that we feel is relevant to her life.  Please check the blog often and remember our sweet baby Eden.  
March 1st:  I love you Eden.  You are our angel and you were too beautiful for earth.