First cold

A regular Sunday morning at the Hedin household!

Reagan got her first cold... really just a runny nose but we definitely became worried. Her nose has been like a faucet despite that she has been happy and playful. We called her pulmonologist to see what we could do and they said we should give her nebulizers four times a day. She seems to be getting better now.

Reagan is also walking!!!! It's amazing to watch her learn to walk. She loves to walk but then gets so excited that she starts to run or clap her hands and it throws off her balance.

We're a little late on her 17 month picture but its here now. Also an update:
Length: 30 inches
Weight: 9.1 kg/20 lbs
Hair: long
Interests: tupperware, growling, showing her muscles, crawling upstairs when we turn our back for a moment, taking out ALL of her toys.
Eating: She has made a tiny bit of progress. We have a consistent schedule for oral eating everyday, so she expects it. She also has a lot of fun playing with her food, she likes to stir her soup and will use her spoon and put it in her mouth. She also has been taking bites of crackers. We're very proud of her, but it's definitely challenging.