An update on Reagan

Tupperware is her favorite toys, in fact this is a daily occurrence- taking out ALL the tupperware!

Here we are, the HAIR!!

We have had a few MD appointments lately. Nothing serious Reagan is healthy in fact, she is doing great. We had a NICU follow-up clinic appointment with one of our favorite Neonatologists- he was so impressed with how well she's doing.
Her sats:
Head circumference: 17 3/4 inches- Actual Age (17 months, 8 days) 16% and Corrected Age (14 months, 15 days) 30%
Height: 20 1/4 inches- Actual Age 20% and Corrected Age 50%
Weight: 20 lbs (9.1 kg)- Actual Age 5% and Corrected Age 16%
Hair: Still growing!!
OK she's still little but at least she's on the charts!! She is making incredible progress and we are so proud of her.
We also met with both of her NICU Occupational Therapists. They were both so amazingly influential in our NICU experience. They made us feel like parents despite having our babies hospitalized. They taught us how to work with equipment but still allow our girls to have normal baby activities. Even as I write this my eyes are filling with tears because of how special these women are to us. They treated us like primary caregivers and how to give our girls the best outcomes possible. I feel very indebted to them. The OT's did cognitive, language and motor skills testing. She did very well and scored higher than her actual age in some areas!!

We also saw her new GI MD to discuss her vomiting and oral feeding issues. We decided to discontinue one medication and perhaps start another one (we're still deciding because of possible side effects). Her vomiting has continued and its frustrating, it seems to be very behavioral but we also want to make certain that there's nothing medical. She seems to have improved slightly on her oral feeding, she likes soup and will stir her soup and sometimes put her spoon in her mouth!! She is also taking bites of baby MumMums (rice wafers), but will usually spit it out. We continue to work through these issues and keep praying that she will stop vomiting and eat more by mouth.

As this respiratory season is in full swing, we are being very careful to keep Reagan free of germs and away from people who are sick. But some of our good friends have sick kids which is very scary when they are medically fragile, so we are praying for these kiddos. They have had a long road already and really deserve to be healthy. Please keep our friends in your prayers.