A new Christmas tradition

If you don't like crafts it might be best to stop reading now. I don't normally do stuff like this, but it might be kind of fun for others to read. We decided to make homemade Christmas ornaments every year- one for Reagan and one for Eden. It's a way that we can keep Eden present in our holidays and even better- in 18 years Reagan will have 36 ornaments to start her own Christmas tree!!

Step 1- don't let your baby eat wood!! We used round cuts of pine that my Dad found for us.

Step 2- if you're not creative whatsoever like me- get a glass of wine!!

Step 3- use a Sharpie paint pen to write the date on the wood.

Step 4- ask an adult (I asked Scott, he's actually more creative than I am!) to hot glue on the ribbon and Christmas decorations.

Step 5- we added R and E charms to each ornament to personlize them for the girls.