Our Christmas activities

We visited a germ free (or at least extra hand washing and hand sanitizer) Santa privately at Andover Floral. They are wonderful and will arrange private visits with Santa for medically fragile and special needs kiddo's. We really thought a Santa visit was out of the picture this year with sick kids at the mall, long lines, etc. So we are so grateful to Andover Floral for doing this, what a great service!!

Faith's Lodge Holiday Candle Lighting for Eden.

This is a special treat, the tractor is Scott's from when he was a kid. It's in excellent condition because its never been left outside. It's a little big for Reagan but it will be lots of fun.

Cookies and milk for Santa, we didn't get to do this last year in the NICU with the girls.

Two of Reagan's favorite things collide- chairs and tupperware. She likes to push them everywhere but this time she got stuck while trying to reach for her tupperware.

The weeks leading up to Christmas were hard, anticipating not having Eden with us created a strong ache in our hearts. We made it through by talking about her and sharing beautiful memories. We talked about how strong she was and how impactful her short life was. We love her more than the world and continue to keep her in our life. Reagan had a fun Christmas- she loves spending time at home with both of us. We play all day and she gets to nap with us- lucky for her and us! Here are a few photos from our weekend. Merry Christmas!!