Our first event for Eden's Garden!

Merry Christmas! I'm a little behind on posts, so I am trying to catch up. Last weekend we participated in our first event for Eden's Garden!! It was amazing! We served dinner at the Ronald McDonald House in Children's Hospital. We asked a group of friends who either have medically fragile children, have had a loss of a child or were a great source of support for us during the girls hospitalization. Our friends jumped in and helped without complaint and we were able to serve over 80 people. One great part about the night was being able to sit with families and talk about their kiddo's. Having been in their shoes it was easy to relate and have an open ear to listen. It was also so great to catch up with our friends and to talk about our kiddo's, especially Eden. There's more to come on Eden's Garden as we get it established but for now we're just so proud of being able to do something to honor her life.

A very special thank you to our wonderful friends for helping with this event, we LOVE all of you.