Candle lighting

The weekend of Dec 11th we participated in the Compassionate Friends Worldwide Candle Lighting. The candle lighting is in memory of all children who have died, but our candle lighting was specifically for Eden. It spanned across hundreds of miles as we asked our family to light a candle for Eden at the same time for an hour. It was so special to see text messages coming in with beautiful pictures of candles for our sweet baby. We will continue to honor Eden's life in special ways to keep her legacy close to our hearts. As we approach Christmas, our hearts are heavy. The emptiness that she left in my heart is so huge and it cannot be filled. I wish she was here to celebrate this special season with us.

This past weekend we also attended the second annual Faith's Lodge holiday candle lighting ceremony. It was filled with music, poems, personal stories and connecting with our children. We took Reagan and she babbled, smiled and growled the entire time. She was so good, but definitely acting like a 16 month old baby. One dad said it best to Scott that despite the formal program, the sounds of kiddo's voices are so magical and welcomed. Even though some kiddo's were noisy and restless, this crowd was probably the most understanding and not at all concerned about little voices interrupting the program. This group of individuals understands the pain, darkness and everyday suffering that we go through. It's nice to connect with this crowd and we're truly thankful for Faith's Lodge. As we lit the candle for Eden we could share whatever we felt moved to say and my message was probably the longest but I could've talked for an hour. I love to tell our story and share the amazing gift that we received when Eden and Reagan came into our life. We will continue to tell their story in hopes of being of some comfort and understanding to others going through this type of experience.