Busy but we're still here

OK we screwed up, if you look at one of the blogs in Nov, we had a picture with her 16 month sign.... she was 15 months. So this is the REAL 16 month photo!

We've been so busy lately so not much time to blog. But we have lots of fun things to report. We LOVE having Reagan off of O2! It's still unbelievable to me sometimes when I look at her with no O2 tube on her face, she is truly amazing. We have been told a few times now that when the girls were little and still struggling a lot the MD's thought Reagan was the sicker baby and might not have a good outcome. Eden was so content on her ventilator and was doing well a lot of the time that they didn't worry about her as much until she was much sicker. Reagan surprised the MD's then and she continues to surprise us now. The words "you can take her off O2" was something we weren't expected to hear until she was 24 months old! She's doing great, she is SO fast crawling everywhere. She puts everything that's not nailed down in her mouth. Her hair continues to grow!! We also had a running joke that the girls were winning the hair growing contest in the NICU and Reagan continues that title even now. Wow can this girl grow hair!! She climbs the stairs at a blazing pace and will do it on her own if we're not watching her closely.

We saw a new GI MD at the U of M about her continued vomiting. She was great and spent lots of time listening to our concerns. We started a new Rx this week and are praying and hoping it will alleviate her vomiting. Any women who have been pregnant might be familiar with the miracle drug Zofran- this is what's she's on. We also met with her dietitian and we really need to increase her calories as she really hasn't gained weight for about one month. We are also going to transition to a blenderized diet, which will include "normal" people food blenderized with formula. This will also hopefully help her to want to eat by mouth. Please continue to pray for Reagan to embrace eating and learn to enjoy it.

Scott gave me an early Christmas gift- a trip to visit my sisters in Wyoming! We had a great time, we went snowshoeing twice in the mountains. It was beautiful, peaceful and a great workout. We treated ourselves to a great Vietnamese pho restaurant, wine, Christmas cookies, wine and more wine!! I enjoyed my time so much and was so grateful to Scott for giving me a break. Meanwhile Scott and Reagan enjoyed lots of quality play time together. Despite my resistance, Scott also took her to Mall of America. Her first visit to a mall and luckily he took her during the day when it was quiet. She actually thoroughly enjoyed herself, looking around at all the colors and making lots of noises.

The house is decorated for Christmas and we listen to Christmas music everyday, but I find myself having very, very sad moments lately. I think about our last Christmas spent in the NICU decorating the girls rooms, and how hopeful we were for this Christmas with both of our girls at home celebrating this favorite season. My heart aches when I think about the void that Eden left and how much I wish she was here to celebrate Christmas with us. This will be a difficult holiday....