A good cause, a year ago

A few updates on Reagan:
*She hit the 20 lb (9 kg) mark!
*She is babbling constantly, her official first word was Mama! She says it all the time. Dad is a little jealous especially since she's home with him four days/week. She's working on Dada, its almost there.
*Her O2 is just below .5 liter!! And she sats between 98-100%!! This is fantastic!! We're seeing her Pulmonologist in 2 weeks and we're excited to talk about the next steps.
*Reagan LOVES books, she will pull them ALL out of her basket and page through many of them. We read everyday.
*She still puts everything in her mouth, its almost like she has to taste her toys. She even puts her O2 tubing in her mouth and carries it around that way. It's hilarious.
*We are still having trouble with vomiting. Augh. Her appointment with the new GI cannot come soon enough.
*We are taking a different approach to oral feeding, its all about fun no forcing. We are letting her get messy and play with her food. She really doesn't put a lot in her mouth, but we're OK with what she's doing for now.

A year ago....
I intentionally haven't looked back on any of my posts because its been too painful. But this weekend I felt like I just wanted to peak. I looked back about one year ago. I only read one post, it was about finally being able to see Eden's beautiful face. She had just had her trach surgery and was in recovery. She was so fragile after her surgery but we were so hopeful that the trach was the answer. Even though she was sedated and out of it I would give anything to go back to that day. To touch her, hold her, talk to her, sing to her- I love her so much and never want to forget these feelings. I also posted about how we were praying for so many babies that our list was getting long, so we just started to pray for all the babies in the NICU. Last November, I asked parents to hold their kids extra tight and be comforted in knowing that God has given them healthy kids. In retrospect, today, one year later I ask you to do the same thing- hold your kids tight, tell them you love them, be thankful to God that they are healthy .... because there are so many of us that can't do that. Speaking for the parents who have lost children, we don't ask you to feel sorry for us, just remember our children and be patient with us. Remember that certain dates, events and experiences may be difficult for us and always will be. Mostly remember our children. Please remember our sweet Eden tonight.

Finally, I am so incredibly proud of my sister Lacey who was the March of Dimes Walker of the Year for Wyoming. Thank you Lacey for raising money for a great cause for Eden, Reagan and all the babies in the NICU. Below is the excerpt from the MOD Newsletter:

2011 State Top Walker Shares Success Secrets

Having raised $13,687 in the last six years for the March of Dimes, 2011 Wyoming State Top Walker Lacey Wilson makes fund-raising a part of her every-day life.
Born and raised in Minnesota, Lacey and her husband of 8 years moved to Casper in 2005. Her husband, an honorably dis-charged veteran was offered a job in the oilfield and Lacey took a job with Westech, a longtime sup-porter of the March of Dimes.
“After my first walk, I realized this was an extremely important cause and I made a commitment to be a part of it,” she said.
In 2010, Lacey and her family were personally affected and connected to our mission when her sister gave birth to twin girls at 28 weeks. Sadly only one twin survived. A difficult time for her entire family, Lacey has found the strength to share their story and has gained a number of new supporters.
With 2012 being her seventh year of fundraising for the March of Dimes, Lacey is convinced that planning ahead is the key to her success. Second only to candy bar sales, which she says are always popular in the Westech office and fabrication shop.
“It (the March of Dimes) is something that I feel dedicated to and enjoy supporting every year,” said Wilson.
When she isn’t working or raising funds and awareness for our organization, Lacey and her husband enjoy cooking,
wine tasting, traveling, snowshoeing, golfing, reading and watching movies.
Lacey is also actively involved in the Society for Human Re-source Management (SHRM) and the United Way. Because of her husband’s military past
she and her husband are also supporters of the Disabled American Veterans and the Wounded Warrior Project.
A huge Wyoming State Chapter thank you to Lacey Wilson, our 2011 Wyoming State Top Walker! We are so grateful to you and for you, as are the 1 in 11 babies born too sick and too soon in our state.

Wyoming State Chapter
800 Werner Court, Suite 321
Casper, WY 82601