A busy girl

Reagan never stops. She is all over and she plays constantly, going from one toy to another. She's so funny and has so much energy! She babbles constantly and makes noises with her tongue. We have a toddler on our hands. We are struggling with vomiting and oral feeding, we will be seeing another GI MD but not until December. Let's pray that we can make it this long and that maybe we won't have to go because miraculously she will stop vomiting and start eating. It is so helpful to consult with other parents of medically fragile children, we can relate and vent. It's amazing how our group of friends has expanded to include kids who are medically fragile or have special needs. This circle is supportive and understanding.

I love my new job. It's going so well and I'm learning so much. I am so happy to be apart of something that I'm truly passionate about and there's a huge part of me that knows I'm doing this for Eden also. Being at Children's is sometimes emotional I see a lot of people I know and who fondly remember Eden. 'D' an RN from the NICU during a meeting this week said one of the most beautiful things about Eden she talked about how despite how sick she was she was always smiling and had such a vibrancy about her. She also passionately talked about how Eden changed her life. I tried my best to be professional and hold back the tears but they overflowed. This is all we want for Eden's life, to know that she changed/and still is changing people's lives. My heart aches as I type this, I wish that Eden could be doing this from here, but instead she's doing it from heaven. I have had some dark moments of remembering Eden's death its very painful and the memories are so clear. I struggle with this but at the same time don't want to forget it. She is never out of my mind and my heart never stops aching. Your Mama loves you Eden.