My name is Reagan and I don't like to nap

A baby who doesn't nap = a crabby baby. She's in a "phase" (we hope its just a phase) where she doesn't like to nap. She screams when we put her in her crib and fights it to the bitter end. This lack of napping affects the rest of her day, she doesn't want to eat and she fusses a lot. So the question is- how do we get her to nap?!

We're also having trouble with more vomiting due to her reflux. It's frustrating because her weight is plateauing and gaining weight is so important for her lung health. We will be switching her formula soon so we're hoping this will help. And it certainly isn't easy on the laundry load.

Besides these issues, she is doing well. Crawling everywhere, pulling herself to standing, crawling up stairs- she is SO busy. She puts everything in her mouth and makes lots of fun sounds. We LOVE our little scooty so much!!!!