Working Mom

A new hat knit by Great Grandma!! It's perfect for the approaching cold weather.

Our neighbors have become accustom to Lilly laying on her spot in the window at all hours. She watches the neighborhood, sleeps, watches kids, relaxes, sleeps and sleeps some more. This is Lilly's spot. Reagan invaded her spot the other day and Lilly realized that she has taken the second spot. Poor Lilly, she'll have to share.

Yes that's right I have a new title- working Mom. I officially started working today. I have a new career at a place where my heart is - Children's Hospitals and Clinics! I am very excited about this opportunity and have true passion for what I will be doing. Scott will be staying at home with Reagan while trying to juggle his businesses. We both feel that its very important for one of us to be at home with Reagan, so we are making this work. We reduced our nursing hours to one day per week, which is a great feeling. It's just plain hard to have someone in your house while you're trying to live life.

Reagan is doing well, we weaned her O2 again! She's between 3/4 and 1/2 Liter and satting good. We are also weaning her medications again, its so exciting to get rid of stuff. She is SO active, crawling everywhere and babbling away. She plays by herself but loves to play with us. She's working on pulling herself to standing and we don't think it will be too long until she is walking. I haven't asked for prayer in a long time, but please pray for us. A few things- Reagan is still so resistant to eating by mouth. She will let us put her food in her mouth, but then she doesn't want to swallow. She cries and gets upset and sometimes even vomits. It's very frustrating and a major challenge for all of us. Please pray that she embraces eating, she likes it and will swallow her food. It really would be best for her. Secondly, I am pursuing help for my grief. I am positive about this, but realize that it may be a long journey and painful. Please pray that I can benefit from it and feel at peace. Finally, also pray that Scott's knee will heal so that he can start Ironman training. Yes, he is doing another Ironman! More details to come soon on that. Thank you for your prayers and support!!