A beautiful spot for a beautiful baby

We went to Faith's Lodge on Saturday to plant a tree for Eden. It looks so different since the July 1st tornado, but its obvious that so many people want to revive Faith's Lodge and make it even better than it once was. We brought Reagan, after bundling her up nice and warm. She did SO WELL and everyone loved her! She was nice and quiet all morning until the pastor did a prayer and then she started babbling away. All Scott and I could do was laugh, it was pretty cute. We planted Eden's tree, a Korean Mountain Ash on a hill overlooking the lake. Ironically it is also just outside the room where Scott and I stayed. It's beautiful, just like her. We saw our friends who we originally met at Faith's Lodge, saw some friends from PHS and even met a couple who were at Children's the same time we were- they remembered seeing us in the Ronald McDonald House. We met some new people and shared our stories. I've said this before, that its horrible that we have to know each other through these channels but at least everyone understands and is supportive.

Because of the destruction from the tornado, the bridge where grieving parents/families places their memorial stones was covered by trees. Scott and I took turns crawling through branches, digging away brush, getting our hands full of sap to find Eden's stone. A few people even helped us search. We didn't find it..... It's amazing how one little thing like that can set me over the edge. I cried in the car. I wanted to see her stone, to know it was safe. It's another lesson from God in gaining more faith. We didn't get to SEE her stone, but He wants us to trust that its OK, just like she's OK. Overall, it was a great experience and we were so happy that we went. A big thank you to Faith's Lodge for coordinating this event. It was beautiful and cathartic.