Reagan hit 17 lbs today (7.720 kg)!! She's growing and thriving at home. We are transitioning to bolus feedings via her Mic-key button and its going well. She's babbling and moving a lot. We love to see her making developmental advancements. I will say, we are worried that she's so hesitant to take food by mouth. We are getting a referral to a new Speech/Oral Motor therapist so hopefully they can give us some good tips. One of the funniest changes we have seen is her hair! This first picture is from February 11th, the day Reagan came home.

And this picture is from today!

Father's Day.

Scott and I ventured out with Reagan on Father's Day. I may have made a few mistakes on his Father's Day meals, but I think he still enjoyed it. Grief causes me to be a little absent-minded..... We took Reagan to the Farmer's Market in St. Paul, and she got to see horses for the first time. Not really sure what she thought of them... she didn't tell us. We also went to the Como Park Conservatory. Other than a little trouble with her feeding pump, she did great. We thik she enjoyed herself, she crashed immediately as soon as we pulled out of the parking lot. We also released a pink balloon for Eden. I know that Eden was looking down from heaven on her Dad wishing she could spend more time cuddling with him. Scott is the most amazing father! He has been our strength and support during this difficult time. Scott would do anything for either of his girls and he loves both of them more than the world itself. I love the husband that you are and the father that you've become.

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