Getting acquainted with the Pediatrician

Who ever said babies don't like grass on their feet?

I discovered my feet this week!

We had to take Reagan to her pediatrician's office twice in the last week, she got a bug bite on her chin that got worse and looked infected. The PNP assured us it was a bug bite and to continue putting bacitracin on it. A few days later it "spread" further on her chin and to her tummy! I diagnosed her with impetigo and sure enough that's what it is. So we have added another Rx to her list- an antibiotic for 10 days that should clear it up. Poor baby. She itches it and I think it causes her some discomfort. She is still teething and has two more teeth on top! She is starting to take more breast milk by mouth via her bottle- we are so proud of her! We go for at least one walk a day and she loves being outside. She's babbling constantly and we a eagerly awaiting a Mama or Dada. Her hair is still growing!! But its starting to lay more flat so it's not so out of control! We have begun planning her 1st birthday party and of course recognizing Eden's 1st heavenly birthday too!! We have such an amazing gift from God to have Reagan with us and we are so excited to celebrate her one year of being so brave and strong. It will be bittersweet and emotional as well as we remember our sweet baby Eden. More details to come on the birthday party.

We have been eagerly awaiting Eden's autopsy results. We just want answers.... The MD's told us initially results would take 6-8 weeks, but its been 11 weeks and we're still waiting. I spoke with her Pulmonologist from Texas and he said that since we agreed to a 'complete' autopsy it would take up to 12 weeks. Hopefully we will hear something soon.

Thank you for all of your prayers lately, its been a tough week for both of us.