10 month birthday

Today is Reagan's 10 month birthday and Eden's 10 month heavenly birthday (7 months adjusted age)!

Here's a little overview of what Reagan has been up to on this day her 10 month birthday.
Weight: 15 lbs, 13 oz
Length: 26.75 inches
Hair: Still growing like crazy! In fact, she has hair overlapping her collar and her ears.
New activities: Sitting on her knees while holding on to a stationary object, Laughing, blowing bubbles, babbling, making some vowels, holding her arms underneath her, eating vegetables and breast milk in small amounts, scooting on her back to make herself move! Yesterday we took her on her first walk outside!! This made Mom really nervous, but I relaxed and we had fun.
Health: Her breathing is good, no respiratory distress. We are having lots of trouble with vomiting, can't seem to get this under control even despite Rx's. She has two bottom teeth and two coming in on the top. Wow I never realized how painful teething is for a baby. Her screams are very telling of that.

We have discovered that thinking about Eden doing the same activities in heaven that Reagan is doing gives us a special comfort. We can smile thinking about her smiling while kicking her legs and playing with blocks just like Reagan. She would love to sit up on her own and watch her Discovery fish toy. We miss her so much and love her more than anything in the world. We pray that her legacy will always live on.

We love you Eden.

We started a landscaping project the first part of May and were delayed with the rain. Today our landscapers finished the final touches. It looks SO AMAZING!! We will post before and after pictures this weekend. Get your backyards ready because you'll want our guys to do your work too!