Eden's Tree

Today we planted a tree for Eden. Scott and I spent countless hours picking out the perfect one. We finally decided on a large Adam's Crabapple, it flowers with tiny pink blossoms. How appropriate for Eden. We know that she is looking down from heaven admiring her pretty tree. We bought the tree with a gift from her "nursing family", the RN's at Children's. We hope they will all want to come over to see it... hint hint. In addition to Eden's tree, we have a landscaping project happening. We are very excited to have it finished, but we'll have to figure out how to get Reagan down to the new patio area. We've been taking her out on the deck to get some fresh air and she loves the breeze in her face. We're almost ready to venture out on a walk, but we are still worried about exposure to sick people.

Reagan has had some trouble this week with vomiting. We are still trying to get it under control, but it seems that she's not as uncomfortable when it does happen. She's also teething again, which causes her a lot of pain. She is doing so much from a developmental standpoint and we love it. It makes us smile to hear her babbling, talking, balancing on her hands and knees, and laughing. The funniest part of our day comes when we watch her sleeping on the baby monitor. She moves constantly and usually ends up with her head at the opposite end of her crib tangled in her tubes. It's so funny and we wonder how she gets any sleep. Sleeping is definitely her strong suit- she sleeps between 10-12 hours a night while only waking up once or twice!

I haven't said this in awhile, but thank you to everyone for following our blog and reading our story. We feel so supported and blessed to have so many people in our lives who care deeply about us. We usually ask for prayers, but today I will ask again for each of you to please consider organ donation. I have mentioned previously that we have become friends with quite a few families of children who are medically fragile. These parents have so much strength and courage, but those who are waiting for a life-saving organ for there child is particularly stressful. So please pray for baby R tonight as she is waiting for a new heart. Thank you.