Mother's Day Letter from Eden


Every day I am up here in heaven with Jesus, I am looking down on you. I miss you so much! I miss how happy you were everyday to see me. All of the nurses thought I was interested in seeing everyone walk by, I was looking out the door super excited to see my Mama come to hold me, read to me, talk to me, tell me stories, and kiss me. Even when I was resting, I could hear you and knew you were there with me. I would sleep so well knowing that my Mama was with me. I know you and daddy were talking about who should go with me on my first plane ride, I was really glad you guys decided it was you. I miss daddy also but you are the best Mommy that anyone could have ever asked for. You did everything possible for me. You took care of me from the very first day I had a heart beat, you put everything in your life on hold to make sure that Reagan and I would be as healthy as we can.

I up here in heaven playing with all of my toys, I even have a REAL Charlie here and ride him and kick my legs and laugh, he is awesome. I can’t wait for you to meet him. I am sitting up just like my sister and playing but I don’t have any tubes or machines connected to me. I am trying to roll over and want to crawl so that I can beat my sister but for right now we are doing the same things. I love to eat sweet potatoes, carrots but I really like pears and squash, you should give those to Reagan, I am sure she will love them as much as I do.

I want you to know that I am up here healthy and happy; those were the best eight months I could have ever imagined feeling all of the love I got from you and daddy. When you look at Reagan just remember I am doing the exact same thing as her but up in heaven. I want you to be happy again because I am happy and feel so lucky to have spent the time I did with you.

I am so excited to see the tree that you and dad are getting for me. I will make sure to take care it so you can watch it grow but to be big and strong just like me. I can’t wait to see you again. I am going to run up and give you a huge hug and kiss because I miss you so much. I LOVE YOU MAMA!!!!!

Happy Mother’s Day!