9 month birthday

Today is Reagan's 9 month birthday and Eden's 9 month heavenly birthday (6 months adjusted age)! We are so sad that we cannot see the girls together... our hearts ache to see Reagan making such great progress and know that Eden could also be doing the same things. We feel like we lost Eden just yesterday and I suppose that's good because then she's so close to us its like we can feel her presence. I am slowly making trips out of the house, which makes me anxious to be away from Reagan, but it seems to help a little.
Here's a little overview of what Reagan has been up to on this day her 9 month birthday.
Weight: 14 lbs, 11 oz
Length: 25.5 inches
Hair: Growing like crazy! Resembling a fuzzy blonde puppet.
New activities: Started sitting on her own this week! Putting toys in a basket, laughing, blowing bubbles, holding her arms underneath her for short periods of time, eating vegetables in small amounts, scooting on her back to make herself move!
Health: Her O2 was weaned down one-half liter, and breathing is good.

We miss our sweet baby Eden every second of everyday and we think about her constantly. We pray that her legacy will always live on.

We love you Eden.