Love Grampa C.

Dear Eden,

My beautiful sweet grand baby. There are no words to describe how much I love you. You brought me so many smiles. I never got tired of gazing at your perfect little body and your lovely face. You always moved me to tears. I loved your china doll lips, your bright eyes with your intense lowered eye brows, your soft precious face and you’re always out stretched arms. I loved your little fingers gripping my finger. I loved your tiny toes, and your cubby legs and arms and your fuzzy blond hair.

I had a lifetime of plans for you. I prayed for the day when you would be free of your trach, feeding tube and IV’s, I’m happy that you are now. I only wish I could have seen it here on earth. My heart hurts with non-stop pain of missing you. I pray every day for your parents and sister.

I try to imagine you now in heaven. I see a happy smiley little girl. I see you sitting on Jesus lap and sometimes walking with Him with your little fingers curling around His finger, just like you did with me. I see you well and running and twirling in a cute little dress. I see you walking in wild flowers and exploring bugs and ants (non-biting kind) and butterflies. I see you picking up birds and rabbits and petting deer and fox. I’m sure your glad there’s no snakes in heaven. I only wish I could have been a part of teaching you about nature and the beauty of God’s creation. I’m sure the creator Himself would be better at it. It just would have been fun for me.

I’m having a very hard time typing the word good bye now. It even hurts my fingers to do it. I know that I & Gramma, your Dad & Mom and your Aunt’s need to keep on living for each other, for you and your sister. It’s going to be hard so please tell Jesus to tell us that “It’s OK.”

I love you Grandbaby girl. When I try hard I can smile thru my tears when I think that someday God will call me home and I will see you again.

Grampa C.