Letter from Daddy

Kiddopotamus, my little Eden,

I never thought that today would ever happen. I never thought I would be celebrating your short life this way. In the last eight months, you changed me in every aspect of my life and it was all for the better. From the first time your mama and I referred to you as baby B my heart melted just thinking about you. I was so excited to teach you how to swim, ride a bike, have many special daddy/ daughter days, send you to school, just give you anything and everything you ever wanted. The amount of fight that you endured is astonishing to me and yet when anyone would walk in to see you, you still would get so excited and kick your little legs and almost act like you were screaming with excitement. No matter what kind of day I was having or the amount of stress I was dealing with, you made it all be forgotten when I came to see you. You are such an inspiration to me, the number of lives you have touched and reached in such a short time is an absolute miracle. I had never felt so much fullness in my heart when you and your sister were born. I feel like I am missing something in my heart with you not here but you will always be with me and not a moment goes by that I do not miss you and think about you. I can’t wait for that day to come so that I can hold you in my arms again, kiss you and hug you and be able to never let you go.