It's official

Eden has been approved for transport to TX and evaluation in TX for a lung transplant! They will be coming to get her early this week!! TX wanted us to be crystal clear that just because she is going there does not mean that she WILL get new lungs. They will do a barrage of tests once we arrive to determine IF indeed she is a candidate for transplant. Once she is approved the waiting will begin.

Scott and I made the very difficult decision of how to make this work for our family. Scott will become a single dad and will be staying here with Reagan- she is too medically fragile to travel, she has nursing care here and her MD's who know her here. I will be with Eden in TX. He will be able to come and visit every few weeks and hopefully I will come home a few times as well.

The sooner we get to TX the better for Eden. She is completely sedated but still has episodes of dropping her heartrate and O2 levels. This is very scary because it puts her in a very unstable position. We worry every time our phone rings that we will need to rush to the hospital. And it’s heartbreaking to see her sedated when just last week she was smiling and laughing.

So as we embark on our journey to TX please pray for a few things:
• A safe and uneventful transport there.
• Her evaluation to go well with little pain or episodes.
• And that she will be approved for transplant.