Life is so precious. Scott and I have talked multiple times this week about life and death. Our beautiful, perfect little girl is right on the edge. It's terrifying to just wait. Every time our cell phones ring we almost have heart attacks. Eden's condition has worsened, we knew this was inevitable but we were just waiting. She is not tolerating touch, she de-satts anytime someone tries to change her diaper or administer meds. She needs more O2 and we are now keeping her in a mostly sedated state. So here we are just waiting- waiting for her to become more stable, waiting for Texas to give us an answer, waiting.... God is in control of this situation and we know that he will keep her safe and strong, we just have to wait for him to reveal 'the ultimate plan'.

Thank you so much for praying for us this week. We need prayers so much. Just a note to all the parents who are reading this- Thank God that your children are here with you, hold them tight (even if they're teenagers and don't want you too), tell them you love them- their life is so precious and at any time they may not be here with you.