A big day

Actual Age: 7 months
Adjusted Age: 4 months

Eden had her cardiac catherization today. She tolerated it OK, she had to be given a lot of sedation but overall things went very well. The results however were not good. We hoped and prayed that her pressures from her pulmonary hypertension wouldn't be too bad- they were bad, really bad. On a scale from 1 to 25 (25 being the worst) her score was 23.6. This means that our little girl is extremely critical. There are no other options for her but a lung transplant. This is a very scary endeavor and we are terrified for her. We will find out more information soon, but for now please PRAY that Eden is a candidate for the transplant and that she can be stable until she is ready for transplant.

Thank you all for praying for her today.