Our first trip to the ER

Actual Age: 29 weeks
Adjusted Age: 17 weeks

We discovered early yesterday morning that Reagan had a clogged j-tube. We used all the normal unclogging techniques including something called clog-zapper (similar to what Drain-O does, but you can put it in your baby :-) to no avail. So ultimately we took her to the germ-infested ER- I was that paranoid mother who was telling the ER staff that we couldn't be in the waiting room, we couldn't be there long and everyone had to wear masks because of Reagan's medically fragile state. Despite my complaints, her pulmonologists told me I was doing the right thing. A quick trip to Radiology to get it unclogged and we were on our way home. The Radiologist said he was impressed that it hadn't clogged yet and he also said that the home remedies simply wouldn't have done the trick. She slept most of the remainder of the day, as the journey was quite wearing on her.

Eden is doing well, she is quite stable now. With the help of her pain medications and the others for her PH she is much more comfortable. She is growing big and strong and the NICU staff love to come into her room and have social hour. She’s smiley and happy and loves to stare at people’s faces.

Thanks for your prayers this week, they have helped us get through everyday.