Settle in, we'll be here for awhile

Actual Age: 24 weeks
Adjusted Age: 17 weeks

The girls had their 6 month birthday this week!! No cake for them, but we did sing happy birthday to them. I can't believe how much they have grown and how far they have come.

HAPPY 6 MONTH BIRTHDAY my BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING GIRLS- REAGAN AND EDEN!!! Mommy and Daddy LOVE YOU BOTH more than anything in the world!!!!!!!!!!!

Reagan is scheduled to come home next week, we've had a discharge date once already so we're being cautiously optimistic. She is doing well on the high flow 02, growing well, and doing more developmental activities everyday. She even is taking a few mL's of breastmilk in a bottle everyday!

The settling in reference is in regard to Eden. This week as her nitric was being weaned she hasn't been tolerating it as well. Which is really bad! Nitric oxide is very important to helping her pulmonary hypertension get better. So after MANY tears and MANY discussions this week with her barrage of MD's we will be starting her on yet another Rx for her PH. We are PRAYING that this Rx will work and she can continue to grow and move past this horrible disease. She has been a little more fussy lately and not quite herself either.

Is it possible to take away 10 years of your life in one week? If so, I believe its happened to Scott and I. We are tired, stressed, anxious, worried, frustrated, all of these emotions and too many more to even type here. We have snapped at each other, others and thrown our hands up in frustration. We ask God everyday for patience, peace and to make the best decisions for our girls. We need more prayers though, this journey is harder than anything we've ever been through and its not over yet.

I can't post pictures this week because our computer is giving us trouble... yikes...