Will I ever stop worrying?

Actual Age: 24 weeks
Adjusted Age: 14 weeks

I worry a lot, I just always think something is wrong and I fear for what could happen. I know the girls are in great hands at the hospital, but I still worry... Will it ever go away? I'm not sure. Our girls are considered medically fragile and this alone makes me worry. The worry causes anxiety and the cycle continues. I'm sure every parent worries, but its especially hard for me. Enough of that...

Eden is doing very well being weaned off her nitric oxide. The next few days will be critical during her weaning, so we will watch her closely. She is growing and is super happy and smiley, she has lots of visitors just to come in and see how incredibly cute she is.

Reagan was put back on high flow O2 and she's doing well with it. She's been quite fussy and sleepy lately, so we will watch her closely. She is also growing like crazy and loves her tag blankie. It's amazing how much it soothes her already, I'm sure this will be incredibly difficult when we want to wash it when she's two and can't go a minute without it, but for now she loves it.

Thanks for your prayers and thoughts, we appreciate it.