Much better

Actual Age: 24 weeks
Adjusted Age: 12 weeks

Eden is doing much better. The nitric oxide helped her pulmonary hypertension almost immediately. Her MD is increasing her Sildenifil slowly each day until she gets to the optimal dose and then they will wean the nitric. She's her happy, smiley self again. Her MD's goal AND our goal is to never have an acute pulmonary hypertension crisis occur again and as long as her Rx's are at the optimal dose she should be just fine. If we had to count steps on a pedometer, Scott and I would win. Walking between ICC and NICU is not the most convenient and Reagan's twin room looks awfully empty without Eden.

We are still on pace to bring Reagan home very soon. We will keep you posted. We are not getting excited until we are driving away from the hospital with her in the car, because as anyone who follows this blog knows that things can change hour by hour.

Thank you for your immediate prayers this week for Eden!