A short weekend getaway

Actual Age: 24 weeks
Adjusted Age: 12 weeks

Our lives have been a whirlwind lately with talk of discharge, training dates, MD appointments, home vents, fussy babies and emphasis on growth, growth, growth. Yes that's right I said discharge dates!! Hopefully Reagan will be able to go home within two weeks!!!! We are thrilled!!! We wanted more than anything for them to come home together, but unfortunately that's not going to happen. Eden was put on her home vent last Thursday and did not tolerate it. It provides her O2 needs differently to her lungs, so this was difficult for her to adapt to and she had to be put back on the hospital vent. Unfortunately the only fix for this is time and growth. Her Pulmonologists have not put a baby her size (7 lbs, 2 oz) on this home vent and she clearly did not like it. We will try again when she's bigger, so for now we just have to wait, pray and hope for more growth from our little Eden.

Did you have hours of training when you brought your baby home? No? Weird... I'm just trying to find humor in this whole thing. Scott and I literally have hours of training to complete before we can bring our girls home. Our training encompasses learning the O2, g-tube/feeding pump, home ventilator, CPR, and trach cares. We should be given honorary nursing licenses. We really know how to do most everything already, but having more training will be great so we feel completely ready for our baby girls.

Now our weekend, Scott and I have been meaning to get away before the girls come home so we took a really quick trip to Duluth this weekend. He reserved a lovely Bed and Breakfast for us and we had a great time. An amazing organic dinner, a scenic view, trucking through the snow, spending time together. We had a great time but talked about our girls the entire time. They truly are our entire world. We love them so much!!!

Thank you for your continued prayers. Please pray that Eden will gain lots of weight and tolerate her home vent the next time we try it. Also please pray that Reagan's home coming will be smooth without any major complications or delays.