No more milk in the barn

Actual Age: 23 weeks
Adjusted Age: 11 weeks

I had a surplus of breast milk in the freezer until today... a very sad day. This doesn't mean the girls won't get breast milk anymore, it just means that they will also need to be supplemented with formula. I have worked so hard to keep up my milk supply and I really wanted to make it one whole year, but with two babies it has been more than my body can handle.

The girls are doing well getting adjusted to their new diggs and new RN's. In fact they have been already getting into a schedule, which is perfect preparation for them coming home soon. Eden should be getting her home vent this week and Scott and I chose a nursing agency for her home nursing care. We will also have a Home equipment assessment this week to ensure that our home is safe, has grounded outlets and to determine set-up for the girls medical equipment. Scott had the ducts cleaned on Friday and we plan to clean the carpets soon also. The nursery is all ready for two little babies to come home. We can't wait! We realize that their home coming is not typical but it will be a very happy day for us!!