The Hedin Year in Review Continued....

October was another rollercoaster month. After four weeks on the nasal cannulla, Eden had to be re-intubated, which was heart-breaking. However, the girls continued to gain weight and very slowly get better. I went back to work in October and we celebrated the girls first Halloween. The girls, pictured here were surgeons, their career you say? Scott and I certainly hope so!!

We made some pretty tough decisions this month, Eden got a tracheostomy. As this was another major surgery we were quite scared. She did very well and we have accepted the trach as a part of who she is for a while.

More hard decisions this month, both girls got g-j tubes so that they could eat easily without disrupting their energy being put towards their lung development. But here we are, closer to bringing the girls home and a happy, grateful family. We have had more struggles than is even possible to comprehend for one lifetime . Our stress and anxiety is sometimes more then we can handle but we have something so beautiful- we have LOVE for each other, LOVE for God and LOVE to get us through each and every day.