The Hedin 2010 Year in Review

Actual Age: 22 weeks- 5 months!
Adjusted Age: 10 weeks

My unemployment streak ends! I was hired by Eli Lilly! What a blessing to finally be employed again. Scott continued to get his business off the ground running.

Scott and I historically did not celebrate Valentine’s Day because we coined it as a “Hallmark holiday” but beginning this year we will now take part in the festivities. Why you ask? Because February 14th, 2010 is the day we found out that I was pregnant!!!! We hadn’t been trying that long and we thought that January was a bust because we thought our timing was off- wow were we wrong!

The biggest shock of our lives happened this month. The minute the ultrasound tech said ‘there are two heartbeats’!!!!! we immediately started wrapping our minds around TWINS!! Two babies!!! At one time!!!

Scott’s world travels left him stranded in France for a few extra days this month. He went on a cycling trip in Italy with a group from SCS and had a great time. He raced in a huge bike race in Italy, drank lots of espresso, and had some great experiences with friends. The volcano in Iceland caused him to spend a few extra days in France- there could be worse places to be stranded right.

May is the month that I started bedrest. My Perinatologists decided that my blood pressure was too high and the growth discordance for the girls was too wide, so the couch officially became my best friend. Scott’s race season also officially began this month.

After 6 years in our home we finally added a maintenance-free deck. The deck was meant for 2009 but with lay-off’s we couldn’t justify the cost. So the construction began- we love our new deck and used it a lot this summer.

As Scott’s crazy race schedule continued, I was hospitalized for the duration of my pregnancy. He completed Ironman Racine 70.3, Minneman sprint course, and did an Ironman Madison training camp. In the middle of all this we also celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary. It was spent getting take-out from Common Roots and dining in my bed in the hospital. We made the best of it that we could, but we were 100% focused on keeping our babies snug inside my tummy.

The month our lives changed FOREVER! We became Mom and Dad on August 2nd when our beautiful, amazing, perfect little girls were born. Yes, a little early but this is a day we will never forget. We love them more than anything in the world! Reagan and Eden Hedin are our little miracle babies. This was also the scariest month of our lives, our little girls were hanging on to life for many weeks. The rollercoaster of emotions and stress is ingrained in our brains as something we will never forget. We praise God for giving these girls life and keeping them safe and here to grow and live full, happy lives.

Scott Hedin is an Ironman! September was the much anticipated month that held the long awaited, major accomplishment that Scott trained 11 long months for- Ironman Madison! Our girls were at a somewhat stable position so we felt that it would be OK to leave, don’t get me wrong- it was terrifying to leave them and I called many times, but ultimately they were fine that weekend. What an amazing event to watch Scott complete a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike and a 26.2 mile run.

Oct-Dec to follow...