Merry Christmas!

Actual Age: 20 weeks, 6 days
Adjusted Age: 8 weeks, 6 days

Merry Christmas!! We certainly never anticipated spending Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in the NICU, but that’s where we ended up. The NICU feels like our second home, we literally have spent endless hours there. These hours fill up pretty quickly with holding, changing diapers, feeding, pumping (for me, not Scott), playing, cuddling, consoling, worrying, praying, trusting, hoping, and believing. We are always so busy there and really don’t want to come home and leave the girls there, but ultimately we have to every day. We have had enormous struggles this year, but God has given us the best gift ever- two beautiful baby girls that we love more than the world itself. We feel GRATEFUL to have them in our lives, and below is just a few reasons (I stole this idea from a friend’s Christmas card, but I’m sure she won’t mind):

G od. God is so good to us. He has had His healing hands on the girls since day one. He has also comforted, listened and calmed Scott and me during our darkest days. We are so grateful to have a relationship with Him and know that he will take care of us no matter what.

eagan. Our beautiful twin A who we love so much, she is our joy.
Amazing. This is truly the only word to describe our little girl’s journey. They are fighters and have been through more than any baby should have to go through ever. We are inspired by their strength. They still have a journey ahead of them, but we know that they will turn out to be amazing toddlers, teenagers and women and we cannot wait to see what they will do in their lives.

T wins. I still cannot believe we have twins! We were asked today how it happened…. well, we know how it happened, but we don’t exactly know why we were chosen to have it happen to us. When we decided to get pregnant we wanted one…. HUGE Surprise- we got two! Our twins, though they are 3 lbs. different are identical. Identical twins are a 3 in 1,000 chance and do not ‘run in families’. They are beautiful and we couldn’t have asked for a better gift this year.

E den. Our beautiful tiny twin B who we love so much, she is our little miracle.

F amily. Scott and I have always considered ourselves a couple, but now we are so much more- we are a family! The four of us and Lilly make a perfect family.

NIC U. Even though we are tired of being in the NICU we realize that our girls would not be here for their first Christmas if it wasn’t for the amazing doctors, nurses, RT’s and support staff at Children’s. We have experienced many emotions during our 21 week stay in the NICU, but have had some compassionate, supportive people that we truly believe God put in our lives for a reason.

L ove. This has been used before, and it may sound cliché, but I will use it anyway- All because two people fell in love…. We have two amazing little girls because of this. Scott and I often joke around and poke fun at each other but we truly love one another. God has brought us closer together because of our little girls. There is no way we could get through these tough times without true love. This has been the most trying experience of our lives and we have needed each other to lean on and for support everyday.

Our girls are continuing to make progress and they will go home, but as one of our Neonatologists have said- it will be when the girls tell us they are ready. For now we wait and pray. Thank you for thinking about us, providing us with meals and sending us your beautiful Christmas cards this season. We love you all.