More recovery

Actual Age: 20 weeks, 3 days
Adjusted Age: 8 weeks, 3 days

Eden's surgery went very well, she had no complications and is recovering comfortably. The anesthesiologist was a familiar face, he did Eden's last surgery. He said he hopes to never see us again, we politely agreed. Now that Eden is on the road to recovery, we will have to work towards the plan to wean her nitric oxide and get her to gain more weight. She is still very little for a 20 week old baby, but we have to remember that she had a lot stacked against her to begin with. She definitely is our little miracle and as we hear more stories of parents with babies who have very difficult struggles we are so grateful to God for giving her to us. Not to forget Reagan, she's definitely our other little miracle. She is also doing very well despite the fact that her reflux seems to have gotten worse. Our OT said that sometimes babies who get g-tubes have worse reflux for awhile, then it gets better. We are hoping the bad reflux is short lived, poor baby is really struggling.

We have to say a BIG thank you to our wonderful neighbors who have provided us with Christmas goodies, full meals, treats for Lilly and beautiful Christmas cards. This is exactly what a neighborhood should be- supportive, friendly and caring. We hope that each of you will remember your neighbors when they are in need, we know that this experience has been revealing to us to remember these special people in our lives. Thank you all!

Thanks also to everyone else for your prayers last week and this week as our girls have underwent their surgeries. It's because of your faith and prayers that both girls surgeries went great and Scott and I don't have ulcers and gray hair.