We should get a punch card for surgeries.

Actual Age: 20 weeks
Adjusted Age: 8 weeks

We have to find some humor in all of this! Eden is scheduled for surgery on Wednesday. Her Christmas might not be so merry, poor baby. She will be getting a g-tube like Reagan's and bilateral inguinal hernia repair. Even though recovery is no fun and we certainly don't like our little babes to go through surgery, the surgeries mean we are one step closer to home. No, we don't have a date yet although we wish we did.

This week was good, both girls 02 needs have remained steady. Reagan is recently struggling more with her reflux so that isn't very pleasant for her. We find that sitting her up on our laps is probably the best way for her to eat. Eden is playing the rollercoaster game with her weight- she will gain then lose. It's a little frustrating so we are working with our entourage of MD's to figure it out. We got great news today- Eden's eyes are fully mature! She is no longer at risk for ROP. This means that we can attempt to wean her off the nitric oxide and onto a different Rx for her pulmonary hypertension. The nitric oxide is an inhaled gas that she cannot go home on, so the other Rx is better in that sense. We prayed a lot about today's eye exam so we are truly thankful to God for His miracle.

Scott and I are busy. We don't have much time for anything other than spending time at the NICU, work and sleep. Somehow we are managing to get little things done but we are constantly saying that it would be so nice to have them home versus driving to the NICU, parking and driving home again. Our day will come soon when we can be a family at home! Until then, our home is at 2545 Chicago Ave, Minneapolis.