More surgery

Actual Age: 19 weeks, 1 day
Adjusted Age: 1 month, 3 weeks, 2 days

Yes that's right tomorrow we prepare for another surgery. This time its Reagan. She will have a g-tube (gastrostomy tube) inserted into her stomach and this is how she will take her feedings. She has to work very hard on breathing while trying to breast or bottle feed and she was not taking all of her feedings by mouth, so this is the best way for her to get her feedings without disrupting her breathing. This is Reagan's first surgery and we are nervous. It's an easy procedure, but we still worry about how she will respond to the anesthesia. She also has to hold feedings for 24 hours! Yuck. She gets crabby if her feedings are 5 minutes late let alone 24 hours!! Poor baby. Her 02 needs have been about the same and she is growing like crazy!

Eden has had a good few days. She's on a daily steroid and it is helping her 02 needs decrease. She is so alert and content. She loves to look at and study people's faces and she also loves her seahorse on her mobile. Notice the pictures Scott took, she's actually laughing at it!!!

Please pray for Scott and I tomorrow as Reagan has her surgery, we need strength and peace. Reagan also needs prayer that everything will go well. Thank you.