Santa visited the NICU!

Actual Age: 4 months, 4 days
Adjusted Age: 1 month, 1 week, 5 days

Santa visited the NICU yesterday! He comes early for babies in the hospital! Santa is supposed to be for kids, but I think Scott and I were way more excited about his visit. As my last post stated, we decorated the girls rooms, made their beds with fleece snowman blankets and got them dressed in their cute Santa outfits. Scott even searched the halls to determine when exactly Santa was coming to our girls rooms. The girls slept through his visit but we got some cute pictures. Thank you Santa for making our Christmas fun.

Eden was restarted on another burst of steroids this past Friday and they have helped her tremendously. Her O2 needs are down and she is a happier, more alert baby. We are working with her on developmental activities everyday and she just started opening her eyes really wide this week- its so cute.

Reagan's O2 needs have also come down this week but she's not making much progress with oral feedings. She seems to have gotten used to having her tummy filled with breastmilk by her NG tube (feeding tube in her nose) and she's being lazy with oral feedings. The idea of a GI feeding tube has been brought up recently- a feeding tube in her belly which is something we can manage so that she could come home. We really don't want her to have a GI tube but we will do what's best for her. Right now we just need to pray that she starts taking more feedings by bottle or breast.