I love being a Mommy!

Actual Age: 3 months, 3 weeks, 6 days
Adjusted Age: 1 month, 5 days

What an amazing gift to be a Mommy...and for Scott, a Daddy! God has blessed us with our sweet girls. While I was with the girls tonight I thought about the small things that make my heart just melt, when Reagan laughs at Scott's funny faces, when Eden's O2 needs come down dramatically when she's resting on my chest, the way they both recognize our voices. These things are so wonderful to think about- we are their parents and they know this instinctively and they associate us with LOVE! Ten, twelve, sixteen weeks ago we didn't know if we would ever have these special moments. We didn't know if our girls would have one more minute, one more hour, or one more day. Of course, we are not out of the woods yet, our girls have many months left of healing, recovery and development left. We also do not know what their future holds physically, developmentally or socially, but we do know that these two amazing babies love us- their Mommy and Daddy!

There's something else I want to document for them to read one day, and for our friends and family to know what makes them so amazing. A short list of the things I love about each girl. Maybe someday when they are fifteen they will read this and think 'Oh Mom that's soooo dumb...' but maybe they won't think its dumb.....

1. I love your perfect little lips
2. I love the way you pout out your lower lip when you're going to cry (Scott loves this too, he says she looks just like me when I cry)
3. I love the little dimples on each side of your hips
4. I love your fuzzy blonde hair
5. I love the way you always have a contemplative look on your sweet face

1. I love your bright blue eyes
2. I love your chunky legs
3. I love the way you hold your hand with your pointer finger bent (Scott has wondered if she has a special gang sign)
4. I love that you LOVE cuddling
5. I love the dimple in your chin

My lists could go on forever, but I wanted to share a few things that make me smile just to type them. Thank you for your continuing prayers.

I thought I would edit the post and give my thoughts

I love the way you look all over just taken everything in.
I love when you are sleeping, you still grip my finger.
I love your little nose.
I love how much of fighter you are already, you are a true inspiration!
I love that you’re my daughter.

I love the way you suck on your pacifier like a crazy person.
I love how excited you get when your Mom and I walk in.
I love the way you kick when we play with you.
I love when you have your wrist rattles on and you wake yourself up with them.
I love that you’re my daughter.